Visiting Family in Florida

Here we are in Florida, and we are indeed visiting family. I thought this would be so cool having everyone in one place. and it will be this evening when we all get together in one place to visit.

But most of the time there's a major drawback. You can only be visiting one house at a time, one part of the family at a time. And when you are visiting them you're having a good time, but in the back of your head, you are also thinking about the other part of your family.

In other words, I want to be in two places at the same time.

Obviously, that doesn't work. But we have such fun both places, and enjoy seeing our family, just too many places we want to be at the same time.

We just love all our family bunches and wish we could see them all bunches!

Greetings from Tifton, Georgia

Here we are in Tifton, Georgia, sitting in the motel room. Jesse is watching baseball (big surprise!), and I’m working on the computer (another big surprise!)

Tomorrow we're headed over to the Okefenokee Swamp, then on down to Florida.

More to come!

One week from today!!

Yep, in one week I'll be headed to Florida again. Don't know when I've been there so much, ha! But this time Jess is also going, and we're taking a couple of days and driving down. and we'll get to see not only Richard, Chrystie & Ellie, but Randy and the Sanfords as well. Fun times!

Now, looking at the dates, I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I last posted. Well, come to think of it, yes, I can. I've been totally swamped.

I talked it over with Jess today, and have decided to ease up a little. An Apple iPad isn't worth the misery, ha! I just can't keep up with this contest. I lost a week at the beginning, we're going to be gone another week soon, and the work load is just tremendous.

Besides it's too much of just ONE thing. I've got other projects too that are being ignored while I try to get this done. So I'm going to forget about the contest and just do the work at a slower pace. And that way have more things I can work on too.

It's just been too crazy. I have been so totally immersed trying to catch up and keep up, that all my waking hours seem to be involved in farm work, house work or computer work. No letter writing, no reading, no casual blogging, and even very little photography or tv watching.

Time to ease up a little.

And I've got a blog to repair. I can NOT believe my hosting service just up and deleted "Helping Ellie Walk", including all the back-ups. Absolutely everything gone. If I hadn't made my own back-ups it would have been a total loss. But the trouble is my back-ups didn't include pictures, and the text ended up with strange characters here and there, and of course I had to set-up the blog again and Wordpress, and plugins, yada, yada, yada.... it's going to take a while to fix it.

So I'm losing hours of my time for their mistake.

Jess spent part of last week getting our taxes done. Well, he has them finished, but the Turbo Tax/IRS connection keeps spitting them back. He's going to have to keep working at it next week, or finally give and print and mail them if they won't go electronically.

He also mowed the grass today for the first time this year. He even went up in the orchard and mowed there and the main pasture too.

And he's dealing with some kind of allergic reaction. His woke up Wednesday morning looking like he had a bad sunburned face and puffy around the eyes, and he had to take his wedding ring off. It's red like a burn under it! We've tried to figure out what in the world could have caused this but just not sure.

He tilled the garden last Saturday, but that means at least 3 days passed, and that seems a little long for sun poisoning or something. He had a hair cut Tuesday, so maybe they used a new kind of shampoo or hairspray? Just really don't know why or what he's allergic to all of a sudden.

So as usual, life remains interesting!