Jess's New Office

There's been lots going on here, with a trip to Oklahoma, a visit from Randy, and other stuff going on around the farm... but right now I'm just going to focus on Jess's new office.

 He had to move to a new one because the guy had to shut down the company where he was previously working, so no office available there anymore!

 He had at least 3 options for new office space, but in the end he chose to set up an office in B* r e l a n d Company's building on Clinton Avenue in Huntsville. (& yes, I left spaces in there on purpose... this is a well-known company and I'd rather not have this post come up in search results for the company name.)

It's a 7-story building.  He's in a conference room on the second floor (a bank is on the 1st floor). When you walk into his new space, here's what you see:


That's his drafting table, and his new computer monitor. Some time ago he got a monitor at Walmart, but the wide-screen didn't work right with his Agtek system software. The circles came out as an ellipse instead of round, and that was a problem.

After some research I saw the best bet was to get a monitor that still had the same aspect ratio as CRT monitors, and ordered it online, crossing my fingers hoping I was correct and it would work like it should.  Fortunately, it works just fine. He now sees round circles again instead of ovals. :-)

Unfortunately, at the same time his printer also decided to go wonky, so he needed a new printer as well.  That's it setting on top of the black filing cabinet.  The tall white boxes are partitioned for holding blueprints, and as you can see, the tables give him someplace to roll them out and look at them.

His picture wall was decimated when he moved as well, as many of them were just printed on paper and taped up to the wall.  Having been there for such a long time, they didn't come off very well and got torn up.  So we are in the process of getting him some new pictures.

This is the entry (and exit!) door to his office space.  He can see outside if he wants to look through there and the windows in the offices across the hall.

One other really good thing about his office is that he has good cell phone reception.  His previous office space was in a metal building, and he had to keep his cell phone in just the right place or it dropped the signal.

One not so good thing is that the move didn't cut down on his travel time to and from work as much as he had hoped.  Since this office building is located in downtown Huntsville, there is a lot of school and work traffic, so it slows things down.

All in all though, I think he is happy in his new space.  He got a warm welcome, and is all set up with his own key card and stuff, so he's good to go!

And that's just what he's doing... he's already quite busy with work!