At midnight I get an email from my FeedBlitz service with any new posts from blogs I've subscribed to. Tonight (this morning?) I got one from Chrystie's blog, in which she talks about how bad she's been about posting to her blog, which reminded me about how bad I've been about posting to THIS blog.

Yes, when I looked to see when the last post was made, I saw it has been over a month. Hmmmm.....

Well, maybe I can blame mine on being a klutzomaniac. Yeah, cause today I was in total klutz mode, dropping an egg on the floor, somehow getting two slices of bread in ONE slot of the toaster... honest, they just dropped in there like that... couldn't have done it if I'd been trying.

Then I spilled a canister of parrot food all over the floor. Oh, and the apples in lunches? Gee, guys, those hit the floor too.... just kidding!

But there were other things today, like pencils hitting the floor every time I wanted one... but you get the general idea. Klutzomaniac for sure.

But I don't guess that's really a good excuse for no blogging, especially since I'm thankfully not that bad EVERY day!

How about I work on so many other blogs during the day that I never get around to this one? Too true, but probably not a good excuse either.

Since I can't really think up a good excuse, and even though it's 2:30 in the morning, I'll just give a quick "report" on the clan here. . .

Jesse is finishing up a long-term contract job he's been working on for over a year, and very thankful he is too! It was supposed to have finished up in the spring, but there were extensions and more extensions. They did the final inspection so now it's just paperwork and soon an end.

That doesn't mean he doesn't have work. It usually comes in spurts, but he stays pretty busy most of the time. He's thinking about retiring or semi-retiring and only working 3 days or so a week... we'll see what happens next! (I think he might miss getting out and seeing people like he does now.)

Jonathan has been spending a lot of time doing some clearing in his part of the basement, and over the weekend he and Jesse moved the old kitchen cabinets out of that space. The original reason they were put there was becaue I had a notion to make a craft area down there and use them for storage, but they didn't work well in a living space. Took up too much room, and couldn't get to them to open the doors and use them for storage. And they drew dampness and were getting a some mold on them... so out they went.

It definitely opened up the space down there and it actually looks more like a living area now that you can see the walls.

Otherwise, it's work at the pizza place for Jonathan, and most weeks he's been getting overtime.

As for me, I'm back to my regularly scheduled program. The book project is on the back-burner while I try to figure out a new way to market it. My original plan needed rearranging, and I'm slowly working on that.

In the meantime, I'm back to my other blogs which I already know can make a little money, so now the idea is to get them making MORE money!

The only other notable thing around here is the heat. As in, I'm tired of it, as I'm sure a lot of other people are also. It's only June and we've had a couple of weeks of high 90s temps. Enough is enough! Our a/c isn't keeping up and it gets way too warm in the house for my comfort zone.

Okay, that's a quick sum-up of what's going on around here, and I'm finally made a post!