Back to Normal . . .

It's past time to report in here for those family members who keep up with us by reading this blog. So here we go!

We're back to normal here, or as normal as it ever gets with this crew anyway. All the snow melted off, most over the weekend. A little lingered in shady spots, but the rain yesterday took care of that.

The latest trip to the grocery store was more normal, with fully stocked bread shelves. It's entirely possible we'll have more snow before the winter ends, but I doubt we'll have another big storm that dumps quite so much snow. I hope not anyway!

As for family. . .

Jess seems to be trying to get another cold, boo, hiss! Tomorrow morning he's not going into work right off, because he's got a 10 a.m. meeting just a couple miles from us with a lawyer and some other people. They want him to be an expert witness for them in a lawsuit concerning some subdivision construction stuff. Gee, can you see him in court? Llike one of those tv shows, ha, ha!

Actually, he doesn't know yet if he'd have to go to court, or just do a deposition or what. Maybe he'll find out some of this stuff tomorrow.

As for Jonathan, after two weeks of working extra hours, including Saturday night, he's back to his normal work schedule. The first week got messed up because he missed a couple days work because he was sick, so then he made it up later. Then we had that big snowstorm and the store was closed one of the days he usually works. So again, he made it up by working other days.

And me, same old, same old. Tweaking my new business plan, and trying to do more things than I really have time to get done.

I guess we're not very exciting around here. Which isn't all bad either. Not all excitement is GOOD excitement!


Yes, it's finally started... snowmagedden. There's not much snow out there yet, but the forecast is for a whopper of a snowstorm for our part of the world.

Jonathan and I made our regular run to the grocery store today, and there was very little bread left on the shelves... NO hot dog buns at all! The milk shelves looked pretty bare too. Anyway, we're now stocked up on food. Our only problem is if the electricity goes out... how do we stay warm??? No electricity, no furnace, no heat.

Fortunately, Jonathan was back home from his evening shift before it started to snow. He's supposed to work day shift at Domino's tomorrow, but the plan is if he can come... come. But if the roads are bad, just stay home. They're probably going to do carry out only tomorrow, no deliveries.

Jess isn't planning on going to work tomorrow, so looks like we're just going to hunker down and hope however much it snows, it doesn't take down the power lines.

Facebook is full of comments from people in the area talking about Snowmageddon, and hoping they get to go sleigh riding.

For my part, I don't mind the snow... just hope we don't have any ice storms. That's when we have problems.

Guess we'll see how bad this snowmageddon gets!

Out with the old, in with the new.. .

Here it is, already the 2nd day of the new year. If this year whizzes by as quickly as 2010, it will be Christmas again before we know it! Well, it seems like it anyway.

I was putting important dates on my new fridge calendar on New Year's Day, and using the old calendar to copy from. It was interesting to see what things we'd done through the year. Here's a smattering of happenings from 2010:

  • January: We didn't have anything special for us on the calendar, but Ellie had her surgery late in January and that definitely a BIGGIE!
  • February: I made the first of many trips to Florida. I didn't go to the hospital when Ellie was having her surgery, and wanted to see her as soon afterwards as I could.
  • March: Guess what? I went to Florida again! I went an "Entrepreneur's Conference" while I was there, so it was a pretty busy time. But I also stayed a couple of nights at the condo with Richard, Chrystie & Ellie.

  • .
  • April: Jess and I drove down to Florida to visit all the kids and grandkids there. I thought it would be cool to have both sets there but discovered it really isn't. When you're visiting with one side, you think about the other too. If everyone lived in the same area all the time I think that would be different, but this wasn't ideal.

  • .
  • May: Richard & Chrystie & Ellie had to say good-bye to Florida at the end of May and headed back towards Canada. They stopped here for a few days on the way home.

  • .
  • June: Jess and I had our 16th anniversary.

  • .
  • July: We went to West Virginia and picked up Dad and headed over to the eastern part of the state to go on a 9-hour train trip. It was awesome, but tiring! Then we met up with Maria & family and went fishing on the Elk River. Good times!

  • .
  • August: An up and down sort of month. I was on some antibiotics & discovered it is possible to have psychotic reactions to them. Good grief! And then my llama lost her cria and that was a major bummer.

  • .
  • September: The calm before another round of travel. Also notable as being the first month I saw revenue for a number of online sources.

  • .
  • October: Over to Gatlinburg to meet up with Richard, Chrystie & Ellie, staying at a cabin. We all chipped in to cover cabin and food, and had a great time. Visited the aquarium, a parrot sanctuary, and Cades Cove.

  • .
  • November: Our annual trek to Florida to visit with the Sanfords and Dave's family and Randy. We have sooooo much fun over the Thanksgiving holiday!

  • .
  • December: A quiet Christmas. Working on a business plan for 2011. I guess you could say a quiet but busy month!


So the old is out, and now here we are, into the new year of 2011!

Oh, you're wondering if I have any New Year's Resolutions??? Why, yes I do.

What are they? It's a secret, ha, ha!

Okay, it's mostly just to get back on track with stuff I started last year. The biggest thing different is while I am frantically trying to amp up my business to also try and get some stuff done at home AND also keep in better contact with friends and family.

Sure could use more hours in my days!