It's Autumn & Jesse's New Car

I say it's autumn, because for the first time this month, I started out the door in shorts and went, "Whoa!" ... and turned around and came back inside to put on long pants!!

Now, as for Jesse's new car.  I've been meaning to get pics up here for weeks.  I took these pictures August 19th, so I guess I'm almost a month behind.

At any rate, here's a look at Jess's new toy, baby, or whatever you want to call it!

It's a 2013 Hyundai Sonata.  A stark contrast to our last car when it comes to the bells and whistles.  Our last vehicle didn't even have a remote to lock and unlock the door.  This car has stuff to do about everything but dance.

Here's a look at it from the front:

Jess is convinced it's the prettiest car on the highway and everyone who drives by him is envious of his new car. ;-)

Here's a look inside at the dashboard and all those bells and whistles.

Even the mirror has electronic gadgets hooked up to it!

 Here's the fancy-schmancy back seat.  As you can see, it even has an armrest that can be pulled down and used for beverages.

It's also got one of those deals where you lay down 2/3rds or 1/3 of the seat, or the entire thing, and make more room to put something in the trunk.

Speaking of which, here is the trunk:

It's a lot roomier than the trunk in our old car.  In fact, everything is roomier.  I guess you'd call our old car a compact, and this one is mid-sized.

And here's the back end with the trunk closed!

I think that ought to about cover it... side, front, back, interior & trunk!

Hopefully, this car will last us a long, long time.